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THUNDERhead designs and/or constructs environmental experiences with the intent of making quality, considerate responsive places. We sketch and build thoughtful objects like modern homes, custom furniture and casework, renovations juxtaposing old and new, playful landscapes, and anything that would please the gods of architecture and beauty.

The impetus for creating something with us is sharing the dream of a concept and a collaboration that includes a lot of hard work. We draw from our experiences and partnerships in art, architecture, engineering, and actually putting things together with mortar, screws and dirt. Yes we try to use our hands everyday, get real and make something besides tangible beyond the digital.

“Half of everything we make is for ourselves. We don’t need a lot of clients or projects to change the world, just a few good ones.”

-Dale Staten


Dale Staten



Josh Weber


Sarah Staten


Dale Staten is the principal of THUNDERhead. Dale grew up on construction sites with his bricklayer father where he learned how to make things with quality that last. Dale studied Architecture at K-State University and started practicing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He studied how to make things modern and responsibly. He has worked as a planning commissioner rewarding redevelopment and demanding vibrancy and sustainability. Dale has managed constructions projects all across the United States and has invested locally in real estate development to revitalizing rural and urban downtowns, believing that changing the world might be a simple as changing a block or the place where we live. Dale is devoted to his family and friends, loves the outdoors, and good eats.

Joshua Weber joined our team after working as an intern architect in Aspen, CO. Studying at Iowa State University he received his degree in Architecture with a minor in digital media and fabrication. Josh grew up on a working farm in Iowa where he first started making furniture and innovating at a very young age. While Studying at Iowa State University, Josh worked as a rough-in carpenter, framing houses, apartments, and renovations where his love for building with his hands using common sense design grew into the belief that improving ones life can be as simple as surrounding yourself with good design that speaks to the soul. In his free time you’ll find him enjoying local jazz, boating on the lake, or sketching in his notebook.

Sarah Staten’s love for design is rooted in lineage of  contractors, architects and teachers she grew up building with.  She spends her free time (when she isn’t busy designing or chasing her toddler) wandering the aisles of local shops seeking pieces to transform her clients homes into warm contemporary eclectic spaces.  With an interest in gardening, she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty working on what she loves.  Sarah Construction Science and Management degree is from K-States school of Engineering.  She is known for her direct communication style and analytical thinking.  She has an eye for scale and color.  Many of her spaces incorporate client’s existing pieces to create a fresh look while remaining budget conscious.  Sarah loves working closely with her clients to help them develop their own personal style. She likes to mix old with new and make sure the client is proud of the end product.